High Quality & Affordable Plus Size Lingerie and Bra's

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buxom Envy an Australian Company?

Buxom Envy is proudly an Australian owned and operated company. We are based in Adelaide, Australia. We service to all areas of Australia, which allows any plus size women to feel confident, comfortable & beautiful, no matter where you live.   If you’d like to know more about us head to our about us page.

Do you have physical stores?

Yes, we do in Adelaide, but we also have our online store. This allows us to provide our extensive plus size lingerie and bra range to any women, anywhere in Australia. No Australian women will now, not have the opportunity to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

Where do you deliver in Australia?

We deliver everywhere within Victoria, but if you are visiting Adelaide. It would be great to see you in our store for a private professional fitting, by one of the highly experienced BE staff.


In addition to Victoria, we deliver to all areas of South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and ACT. We even deliver our plus size lingerie and bras to thousands of women in countries around the world.

Can I wear regular plus size bras throughout my pregnancy?

No, it is highly recommended to have fitted plus size maternity bra. During and after pregnancy, your breasts undergo numerous changes. They enlarge and become heavier and more sensitive. So, for late pregnancy and after delivery, choosing a plus size maternity bra that provides proper support can help you feel more comfortable and less fatigued. Normal plus size bras simply aren’t designed with these issues in mind.


What is the best way to put on plus size shapewear?

It’s like the way you put on stockings. Gather up the legs of the garment so that it is only a few inches tall. Step into the legs and pull it up to the point where you want the shapewear to begin. Now, gradually unroll the shapewear over your torso. If you do this, your plus size shapewear should be in the correct place.


What's the difference between a plus size sports bra and a regular plus size bra?

Whereas traditional plus size bras are designed to provide support, a plus size sports bra is designed to support and also reduce breast movement. It has been estimated that the average underwire reduces breast movement by 38%. However, a good plus size sports bra can reduce breast movement by at least 56%.


How do I prevent my plus size knickers from riding up?

If this is a constant problem, you are probably in the wrong size. Measure yourself using the steps on our fitting guides and you will probably find that you need to go up a size. However, if the size is correct, your plus size knickers may have lost their shape and need to be replaced.


What features should I look for in a plus size maternity bra?


Look for a plus size bra with three or more back closures to offer the most flexibility in fit. The bra’s band should lie under the breasts and on the rib cage, not creeping up on the breast tissue.


A comfortable maternity bra should have wide side bands and shoulder straps to support growing breast tissue. Shoulder straps should have some cushioning and not stretch.


Also, if you’re pregnant during Melbourne’s hot summer months, or you find yourself getting hot easily, consider bras made from 100% cotton. Remember, you will be wearing these plus size maternity bras for several months after your baby is born, so it is wise to buy a good plus size maternity bra that will adjust with your changing sizes.

What are some general tips on drying plus size lingerie?

  • When possible, only line-dry lingerie. This will increase its life considerably.
  • If a dryer is required then only use on a low temperature and check regularly to ensure that the lingerie is not twisted, this will avoid your plus size lingerie losing its shape.
What are some general tips on washing plus size lingerie?
  • Sort your plus size lingerie and bras by colour, washing whites, darks and medium colours separately. Lighter garments can pick up dyes from darker colours.
  • Our plus size lingerie and bras can be washed in the washing machine (on a gentle cycle) in a lingerie bag. If you don’t have a lingerie bag and the plus size bra or lingerie you want to wash is delicate, we suggest washing by hand in warm water with a mild laundry powder.
  • Separate man-made fibres (e.g. polyester) from natural fibres (e.g. cotton). Man-made fibres can attract the oils that are released from natural fibres during washing. These oils build up over time and make the spots on the man-made fibres more obvious.
  • Sort delicate fabrics from tougher fabrics like denim and terry cloth. This will lessen the friction of fabrics against each other and ensure that your plus size lingerie or bras are kept in the best condition and last longer.
  • Lint-generating fabrics (e.g. fleece, towels) should be washed separately from lingerie. The lint will cling to your plus size lingerie and bra fabrics.
  • Don’t overload the washer. If the washer is too full, the clothes won’t get enough churning to get clean, and the laundry detergent may not spread evenly though the load thus leaving globs of detergent on certain items.
Why do I need a wider band along the back of my plus size bra?

There are several reasons. A wide band is less likely to ride up your back or twist. A wide band will also give more support along the sides and allow for better posture. A wide band can give additional support, which means more freedom of movement.

Is a "D" cup in a 36D different from a "D" cup in, say a 42D?

Yes. As a plus size bra style increases in band size, the cups get wider as well. So, say you wear a 36C and your friend or family member wears a 44C, her cups (and breasts) will be larger

What’s the Most Common Mistake Women Make About Their Plus Size Bra Size?

The number one mistake is increasing the band size instead of the cup size. For example, you try on a 34C and it feels tight. The mistake is moving to a 36C instead of a 34D. Don’t change band size unless you are unable to get a few fingers under the band of your bra. 

How do I eliminate plus size knicker lines?

Wearing a thong or a G-string will eliminate plus size knicker lines in the back. However, if you find those uncomfortable, consider wearing a slip between your panty and garment. If this doesn’t work, consider a long-leg style plus size shapewear brief.

I need more control, should I go down a size in my plus size shapewear?


Absolutely not! A smaller plus size shapewear garment won’t fit properly and may be painful. Plus size shapewear comes in levels of control: light control, moderate control, firm control and extra firm control. Instead of going down a size, go up a control level.