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Why having the right plus size lingerie is important

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Are you happy with your current plus size lingerie?

Does it make you feel attractive and sexy?

Is it comfortable and fitted to the contours of your body?

If your answer to any of the questions above isn’t a ‘YES’ then it’s time you went shopping with Buxom Envy Melbourne. We specialise in fitting women with plus size lingerie using a unique online fitting system that can ensure you get the professionally fitted bra of your dreams without setting foot outside your front door.

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Wearing lingerie that fits you well will certainly make you feel great, but the benefits go far beyond just comfort. Wearing the wrong size lingerie and bras can actually exacerbate chest, neck, and back pain, even if you only wear it for a few short hours at a time. It can also cause irritation of the skin and nerves around bands and straps. A combination of the factors can cause these problems, including one’s centre of gravity, increased muscle strain in and around the chest area, and downward pressure being exerted on the shoulders.

Your lingerie requirements are unlikely to remain static over the passage of time. Everything from your weight, hormones, and stage of the reproductive cycle can cause significant fluctuations in your shape. This can include pregnancy and breastfeeding, menopause, using certain forms of birth control, and even just half a kilogram in overall weight loss.

It’s for all the above reasons that you need plus size lingerie and underwear options that actually fit your body as it currently is, so that you can avoid discomfort and long-term pain.


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Getting a professional plus size bra fitted is essential. Many women wear the wrong size, choosing the closest option they could find on the racks, or sticking to a size they were fitted for several years ago! The relationship between cup size and band size is complex, and it’s one best left to the professionals to negotiate instead of fiddling with tape measures and trying to do it yourself.

Why not simply try our online fitting service today? We can guarantee you:

  • A perfect fit first time, every time
  • Exceptional quality
  • Spectacular service

At Buxom Envy, we won’t rest until you are delighted. Review our extensive range of plus size lingerie and bra’s TODAY!