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About Buxom Envy

The average woman living in Melbourne is exposed to thousands of messages in her lifetime, all dictating what she should look like. In a world where being thin is valued above other body types, it can be challenging to reclaim your self-confidence. Sometimes the smallest step – like putting on a pair of beautiful plus size lingerie that has been fitted to your body – can make all the difference.

Buxom Envy was started in 2016 by Paul and Sue with the concept of self-love in mind, with both owners having firsthand experience of being plus size and working in the plus size clothing industry, professionally fitting underwear and clothing.

At Buxom Envy, we don’t think that you should wait until you are slimmer or have the ‘perfect’ body before you embrace it. We believe your body in its current form is worthy of celebration from top to bottom. To help you feel this way, we offer a professional fitting service for plus size bras and lingerie. We find that this is sometimes all a woman needs to be reminded of – that her body is beautiful and sexy just as it is.

So many current providers offer plus size lingerie options but in one or two variations of boring, conservatives styles in wallflower colours that shirk attention. We don’t agree that this is what most plus size women are looking for or deserve.

Whether you are looking to celebrate your own form, or want to spice things up with a partner, lingerie can help you get in the right frame of mind. At Buxom Envy we understand that for most women, the process of getting fitted in public can be unpleasant and intimidating. For this reason, we have created a truly one of a kind professional fitting service that you can do online through our website, whenever and wherever you feel like it. Our professional fitting method has been tried and tested, and we can guarantee you that you will end the process with plus size lingerie that fits you like a second skin.

Through our retail store in Adelaide and our reach across the Australian continent we have helped thousands of women reclaim their confidence, and we cannot wait to do the same for you.

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