High Quality & Affordable Plus Size Lingerie and Bra's


Getting the right set of plus size lingerie is tricky. If it doesn’t fit your body perfectly it will have the opposite of the intended effect, making you feel self-conscious. It needs to be professionally fitted to provide the best possible benefit. Unfortunately, most creators of plus size lingerie in Melbourne often only cater up to sizes D and this leaves many women out. Where can a plus size woman go if she wants to find the right lingerie?

All she needs to do is to visit the Buxom Envy website and enjoy a fitting experience using our unique online system. We can guarantee that you’ll get accurate results that will blow any previous bra fitting experience you’ve ever had, out of the water.

We understand that despite plus size women forming a significant part of Australia’s population, many lingerie manufacturers simply don’t cater to this market. Luckily, that’s where we come in – and we want every plus size woman to know that we can help fit her with the perfect plus size bra, lingerie, sports or swimwear.


We believe that the secret to great lingerie all lies in the fit, and that the prettiest, most ornate bra won’t look good on anyone if it causes discomfort. For too long women have put up with lace, underwire, and seams that cause irritation, chafing rubbing, and pain.

A plus size bra or lingerie should never cut into your flesh. It should be easy to wear and give you the boost you need to feel your sexiest, no matter where, when, or why you are wearing it.

In addition to fitting plus size lingerie, Buxom Envy can also assist you with your plus size sports bras and swimwear needs.


Many full-figured women have resigned themselves to the fact that they’ll never be able to do certain exercises due to their chest size. That never has to be a concern again, as we’ll fit you with a plus size sports bra that reduces movement and provides support, so you can run, jump, and kick with confidence.


There’s no need to feel self-conscious when you hit the beach. Just visit Buxom Envy and we will ensure that you have professionally fitted swimwear that gives you full coverage and support whether you want to sunbake or swim.

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