High Quality & Affordable Plus Size Lingerie and Bra's


Selecting lingerie is an emotional choice. You’re looking for an item that you’ll wear to improve your confidence, and help you feel sexy and attractive. No two women will want the same kind of plus size lingerie and the style, colours, and finishes you go for will be different from what others choose.

With Buxom Envy Melbourne you can get the lingerie of your dreams, without having to compromise on the all-important element of fit. We do this by offering all our plus size lingerie clients access to a professional fitting service to ensure that whatever plus size bra they choose, will fit their figures perfectly.

The best part of all of this is that if you can’t come to our Adelaide retail store you can simply use our online fitting service, where we guarantee you the perfect fitted plus size bra, every time.

Buxom Envy understands that your desire to wear good looking underwear might come at unique stages of your life, which is why we can also accommodate you if you’re looking for a maternity or lymphoedema bra:


When a woman suffers from lymphoedema, she is dealing with congestion and swelling in her breast and chest area. Buxom Envy can professionally fit women with a plus size bra that is beautiful while still being breathable and comfortable. These bras can feature special fabrics and finishes that have been created to promote lymphatic drainage, keep skin cool and dry, and provide gentle, massaging support at the same time.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding is a time of dramatic change for your body, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear unattractive and drab lingerie. There are many plus size maternity bras that Buxom Envy can professionally fit to your changing figure. We can ensure your plus size maternity bra will have additional hooks and strap adjustment options with drop down cups for easy breastfeeding.

No matter what your lifestyle is like and what your needs are, Buxom Envy Melbourne can help you find a choice that meets your requirements and fit it to you perfectly, so that you can enjoy the confidence that comes from feeling and looking good.

Interested in a plus size maternity bra or lymphoedema bra? View our extensive range today!

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